What is the ideal DLPR Client?

The ideal client first and foremost must have a budget set aside for projects. We also want our clients to be committed to our campaigns, which could be 3, 6 or even 12 months. Most importantly, we want clients who are open to collaboration and trust us with company insights.

What are the price points to work with DLPR?

We offer retainer, hourly and per project. We love working with large firms but understand that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and start-ups need our services too. So we have created the Entrepreneur Budget Club available only to these types of businesses.

How can I pay for my services?

Currently, we take cash and check. We are working on our credit card system so check back with us.

I am a startup company with a small budget for PR/Digital Marketing/Events, can I afford DLPR?
As long as you set a budget aside, DLPR will work with you. We offer packages specifically for this category called the Shoestring Budget Club.

Another publicist/PR firm told me they could guarantee placement on a TV network, in a major trade, et al. Can you do the same?
DLPR maintains strong relationships with TV and film executives as well as digital and print media. This, nor do we,  guarantee your brand specific media outlet placement. We will however, create a newsworthy story for your brand and pitch it to the outlets we feel will get you in front of your target audience for maximum results.

Will there be additional out of pocket costs aside from hourly fee, project fee, retainer from DLPR that I should be aware of?
This is a possibility. However, we will always discuss additional out of pocket costs with clients before we move forward.

Is a contract required to work with DLPR?
Yes, this benefits both DLPR and its clients