DLPR Creative Director, Deirdre Lopian, Named in Top 10 Women in PR That Lead, Inspire And Build Successful Brands

Originally Posted by Women in PR   This holiday season we encourage you to support women in public relations across North America that lead, inspire and build successful brands. Here’s our list of 10 women in public relations who are making an impact for their clients and employers. CANTOR INTEGRATED MARKETING STAFFING Cantor Integrated Marketing Staffing led [...]

The Importance of Identifying Buyer Personas

After spending the past 3 days researching and creating buyer personas (yes that's plural) for a client's digital marketing strategy, I want to share some insight about this most important, most overlooked step when it comes to developing an effective digital marketing strategy. In today's pay-to-play world of digital marketing, brands can't afford NOT to [...]

Characteristics of a True Leader

In today's world of social media, we are seeing an influx of self-appointed "leaders" in respective industries, but very few of these individuals have the characteristics of what makes a true leader. Social media bios allow us to portray who we want to be as opposed to who we really are in real life. All [...]

Report: PR pros should focus on ‘influencer’ marketing, VR

With each New Year comes new PR trends and digital marketing trends to conquer. Here are a few takeaways on what to expect in 2017—and what communication managers should focus on to make it work for their brands. PR trends of the year will be“influencer” marketing 2017 is going to be a monumental year; eMarketer predicts [...]

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Creating Facebook Ads That Compel Clicks

Once upon a time investing in Facebook ads wasn’t an option for most businesses. Those days are long gone. It’s now possible for businesses both large and small to invest in the world of Facebook advertising. Facebook has more than 1.2 billion active users daily, is home to 40+ million business pages, and made well [...]

Tis the Season

Why Your Company Should Participate in Social Media Holidays Social media holidays are not the average holiday seen on your calendar.  These hashtag holidays are created to generate awareness to a cause such as #SmallBusinessSaturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving), or to be fun #NationalCatDay (October 29th), and some are simply industry specific #NationalPublicistDay (October 30th). Regardless [...]

Using Instagram For Business

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5 Tips To Effectively Use Facebook Live

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5 Steps To Make Snap Work For Your Brand

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